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Numbers 4:1-5:31

God then describes the duties for which the different clans within the Levite Tribe are responsible. God also gives instructions to keep the camp of the Israelites pure. Included in these instructions are rules on how a husband who suspects his wife of infidelity is to act. (more…)


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Numbers 2:1-3:51

The Lord then gave instructions on how the Israelites are to be organized when they make camp. God then takes a census of the Levites and accepts the service of the Levites in substitution for the first born of all Israel. (more…)

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The Lord commands that a census be taken of the people to determine how many fighting men there are.  This census is not to include the Levites, as their responsibility is to care for the Tabernacle.

I have often struggled with the importance of keeping track of attendance at church.  There have been many Sundays in my life when I have looked at the attendance board while leaving the church and (to some extent) judged my value on those numbers.  In that case knowing attendance was a negative thing.  However, God wanted to know the number of people who were following him, and perhaps more importantly he wanted to encourage the people by letting them know that they were a nation.  They had brothers who would fight alongside them if attacked.  They and their tribe were not alone, but had the other tribes.  In this case it was important to know the numbers.

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Monday Night Sports


Last week I wrote that I thought Hillary had jumped the shark; if that wasn’t true last week it certainly is today. (more…)

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Leviticus 25:24-26:46

God establishes a system of redemption for property, the poor, and the enslaved of Israel.  Relatives are able to redeem land that has been taken over or purchased, and all land is to be returned to it’s hereditary owner in the year of Jubilee.  God then emphasizes to the people that he both blesses obedience  and punishes disobedience. (more…)

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If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed. – Proverbs 29:18 (Message) (more…)

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Leviticus 23:1-25:23

The Lord gives instructions on the festivals the Israelites are to celebrate.  The Passover Festival, the Festival of Firstfruits, that Festival of Harvest, the Festival of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Festival of Shelters, the Sabbath Year, and the Year of Jubilee.  Each of these had some regulation that brought the people to a place of worshiping God (and they often benefited the people in some way at the same time). (more…)

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