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Weekly Meanderings

Just some stuff I came across this week…

1. A Pastoral Response to Illegal immigration.
2. Moses was the first Jeff Spicoli.
3. A Baha’i Sunday school (I don’t know how this makes me feel).
4. Tony Jones swapping Emergent Village for Smurf Village (warning: this is satire!).
5. Thoughts on Obama’s economic advisors
6. The economics of the HD format wars.
7. If you say the word recession enough times it becomes meaningless.
8. An homage to Gary Gygax.
9 Gender swapping in Second Life (and WOW; probably DnD as well).
10. Look quick or you might miss the game.
11. Schwarz-Christoffel formula updated to be applicable to complex shapes.
12. Top 10 grammar tips
13. Infamous last words: “I didn’t realize that crocs were so aggressive.

Have a great weekend.


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