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Weekly Meanderings

Here’s some stuff I came across this week…

1. A mother remembers the death of her child
2. The strategy behind the Obama campaign
3. Giant squid thrown on ice to celebrate Red Wings hat trick
4. Weezer – “Pork and Beans” (video)
5. Scientists make a microscopic bowl of Roman
6. June 12th is Carbon Belch day
7. The Dude: an homage

Have a great weekend!


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I’m a bad, bad blogger. Either I’m doing to much or I’m lazy (maybe both)…anyway, here’s some stuff I came across this week.

1. A story on a Muslim chaplain
2. New Jewish Siddur is gender neutral
3. Finding a Unicorn Song at church
4. The emergent chicken (WARNING: this is humor, almost satire but not quite)
5. The Bible or Indiana Jones? A quiz.
6. A story on synthetic meat
7. Chimeras are inevitable
8. Ten Ways you might be breaking the law with your computer.
9. Minor leaguer traded for 10 bats (approximate value $655)
10. A 7 foot model of Optimus Prime made entirely from car parts

Have a great Weekend!

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Here’s some stuff I came across this week (a whole lot of NPR…what does that say about me?).

1. The problem with “me-centric” Christianity
2. I find myself doing this with people walking their dogs…then I feel bad
3. Strangers bring us closer to God
4. An audio interview with Simon Blackburn on Moral Relativism
5. Story about the “Speed Racer” movie…it’ll either be good or totally suck.
6. New NFL rule restricts players to choice of 3 haircuts (Warning: this is satire!)
7. Reading between the lines
8. Are college degrees a waste of money?
9. BET struggles to relate to black viewers
10. Found a site with a decent collection of live concerts…and it’s mostly free

That’s all I’ve got. Have a great weekend!

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Monday Night Sports

It’s the quiet season for sports: the baseball season is still in its infancy, the NBA playoffs go on forever and aren’t that fun to watch, the Stanley cup is awesome (great 4 OT game last night) but my Senators are out of it. I suppose I could try to get excited about arena league football, but it’s just not worth it. In fact the only sport worth watching right now is…

Politics (more…)

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A Prayer

Nurturing God,

You knew us before we were, you know us better than we know ourselves, you know how our obedience or disobedience will affect the world forever onward. Your creation is beautiful and magnificent, but it is only a reflection of your beauty and greatness. The relationships you have brought into my life are edifying and fulfilling, but they are only a reflection of the relationship that exists within you. I will never fully know you God, but that which I do know makes me stop in wonder and awe.

Thank you for the gifts you have given.  Help me to continue to recognize them as gifts.  Remind me that everything I have is from you;  I am your steward protecting and building up your kingdom for a time.  Nourish my soul and the souls of my family.  Feed us sustaining spiritual foods that will build up our faith.  Help us to become closer disciples of Jesus throughout our lives.  Keep our hearts, our minds, our words, our actions, and our attitudes focused on you.

Shepherd of tender youth, guiding in love and truth
Through devious ways; Christ our triumphant King,
We come Thy Name to sing and here our children bring
To join Thy praise.

Thou art our holy Lord, O all subduing Word,
Healer of strife. Thou didst Thyself abase
That from sin’s deep disgrace Thou mightest save our race
And give us life.

Thou art the great High Priest; Thou hast prepared the feast
Of holy love; and in our mortal pain,
None calls on Thee in vain; Help Thou dost not disdain,
Help from above.

Ever be Thou our guide, our shepherd and our pride,
Our staff and song; Jesus, Thou Christ of God,
By Thine enduring Word lead us where Thou hast trod,
Make our faith strong.

So now, and till we die, sound we Thy praises high
And joyful sing; infants and the glad throng
Who to Thy church belong, unite to swell the song
To Christ, our King.

Thank you God.  Amen.

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Here’s some stuff I came across this week…

1. Ben Witherington on choosing a translation
2. The story of a woman asked to teach a second grade Sunday school class (Fiction)
3. You down with O.P.P…er…G.O.D?
4. A great episode of This American Life (it’s a repeat): the history of Jerry Springer, God and Hockey, et al.
5. Creating a new life form (E. Coli that smells like wintergreen)
6. A scientific attempt to create the most annoying/unwanted song ever.
7. Spam turns 30!
8. Why don’t we save money?
9. The Likely Effects of the Tax Rebate Checks
10. Paste Magazine’s “Ten Best Baseball Songs
11. July 11-12 is Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY

Have a great weekend.

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