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Recently I have been very disappointed with the teachings of John Piper. Given, I am not Reformed and so we would naturally be at odds, but it seems to me that Piper has taken to creating unnecessary walls within Christianity. A few months ago it was over the issue of Baptism. Piper, Grudem, Dever and some other got into a discussion of who is allowed to partake in communion and how this relates to church membership. Overall the conversation was fairly civil, but I fail to see the need to create these divisions with the goal of protecting the sanctity of God(as if God could not protect his own sanctity).

Last Tuesday at the Resurgent 2008 conference. John Piper gave this lecture, which in my opinion marks his first open frontal assault on Arminianism. Piper advocates the removal of any teacher or preacher who disagrees with his understanding the gospel.

I believe that I will never fully understand the Truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that it is my responsibility to have faith in Christ, to strive to move closer to the example of Christ, and to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Those are the three things about which I truly care. I do not care if my theology matches the theology of the people with whom I worship or do ministry. In fact, I believe a diversity of theology is beneficial to the kingdom of God as long as it is centered around and grounded in the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My impression of John Piper is that he believes he knows the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that all other people must come to his understanding or they are not true disciples of Christ. I would argue that there are plenty of true disciples of Jesus Christ who are not disciples of John Piper.


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